From the time they arrived they were smiling and being so helpful. The way they just took me to the side and just dropped into the songs was magical.

Almost everyone has come to me and said they have never been to a wedding and wedding ceremony with so much atmosphere, feeling and rhythm. The singing ouside at the start really set the tone for the whole day. People were captivated by the singing. They would not walk past in case they interrupted the group. My only regret is that Joan never saw them in action. So for a start thank you to the singers and they have made a lasting impression, it put everyone in a great mood.

We were aware that work was going on behind the scenes, because the next thing we knew is that they slipped silently into position for the actual ceremony. At this point they were responsible for ruining the make up of most of the women at the wedding! The tears were flowing big time. Again, I cannot tell you how many people have spoken to Joan and myself saying that it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to. The singers again created a superb atmosphere; it was beyond what both Joan and I imagined.

The happiest moment of our lives to date was that moment Joan came down the aisle. I looked around to take her trembling hand, surrounded by friends and family and the most beautiful sound in my ears. It was ecstasy! But it didn’t end there. They struck up again as we walked out – heaven!